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Products and services for AFM, STM, and SEM
Applications of AFM and STM
   Hard Disks
   Magnetic Tape
   Pharmaceutical materials
     Collagen fibers
     Collagen monomers
     DNA Plasmids
   Polymer molecules
   Orthopedic implants
   Opthamalic Devices
   Diagnostic devices
   And More
   Naturally occurring (cellulose)
   Material domains
   Packaging materials
   Cast, extruded, or molded polymers
   Paper finishing
   Can coatings
Electronic Materials
   Silicon Carbide
   Gallium Arsenide
   Thin Films
Energy Technologies
New materials including ultra high strength magnets
Optics & Photonics
   Diffraction Gratings
   Modified surfaces
   superpolished optics
   Ultrasmooth surfaces
   Visible Light


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Simple AFM Images of Aluminum Foil

AFM Analytical Services

AFM, STM, Electric and Magnetic Force and other Scanning Probe techniques.

We are early pioneers of Phase imaging.

About AFM


AFM image of one of our calibration references/standards

Calibration Specimens

Length calibration specimens in the nanometer to micron range for AFM, STM, SEM, and others.

We also offer Traceable Calibration Specimens (XY length scales traceable to international standards)

Other supplies


Screen-shot of our DiscTrack Plus Media Measurement System

Calibration and Measurement Software

DiscTrack Plus, SPIP, and DTP Advanced Image Processor


Our President, Dr. Donald A. Chernoff

Training, Consulting, and Expert Services

Put our AFM experience to work for you.


About Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc.
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NanoScope Dimension Microscope

Buy and Sell used Nanoscopes

Convert your excess assets into cash or come to us for quality refurbished AFMs at bargain prices.  We buy and sell DimensionTM, MultimodeTM, and Small sample AFM and STM, Microscopes, Scanners, PC's, and Controllers (made by Bruker Nano, formerly known as Veeco Metrology and as Digital Instruments).


Repair your NanoScope AFM or STM

We can perform many repairs on older NanoScope Brand Atomic Force Microscopes.

Now:  Z drift repair

Repair your Veeco/Bruker Dimension Vx Atomic Force Profiler and Dimension 7000 and 9000 Atomic Force Profilers.

We can help with other Automated NanoScope brand AFMs (Dimension 7000 and Dimension 9000) and with Dimension 3100 and 5000 that also use the Veeco Metrology closed loop scanners.


Industries served and materials analyzed:
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) is an important analytical tool in science and industry.  It's one of the key metrology (measurement) tools used in Nanotechnology, in the semiconductor industry, in optical discs (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.), in magnetic media, and in many other fields.  AFM is used to analyze surface finishes and roughness, material wear, corrosion, and other surface structures.  It can be used to map material domains in polymers, crystal structures in metals, particle size and distribution, formed micro and nano-structures, structure and size of catalyst and other powders, fibers of all types, pharmaceutical materials, and many other things.  We've analyzed everything from the microroughness of superpolished optics to atomic steps on semiconductor wafers, from DNA molecules to polymer blends used in food packaging, from the sharpness of razor blades to wear patterns on piston rings and the shape of liquid droplets, from the size of nanomedicines to the track pitch variation of Blu-Ray discs.

Any surface you can touch is a potential object for study

Techniques we have available include TappingMode height and phase imaging, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), Nano indenting and scratching, Electric and Magnetic Force Microscopy (EFM and MFM), Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy (Surface Potential), Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM), Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy (SSRM) and other conductive AFM techniques.

Whether you need analysis, consultation or training to use your AFM equipment better, supplies and accessories, traceable calibration standards, NanoScope equipment or equipment repairs, contact us.  We can help.



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