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CD stamper bumps, perspective view


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Our Customers say:
DiscTrack Plus Improves Quality, Saves Time, and Saves Money

From Toolex ODME:

"DiscTrack Plus is now considered the standard measurement for track pitch variation in our company."
Mark van der Kerkhof, Toolex, The Netherlands. 1996.

From Warner Advanced Media:

"DiscTrack Plus provides an unbiased verification of track pitch and track pitch variation.  We have shipped over 100 million high quality DVDs worldwide since 1997."
Dom DallaVerde, Warner Advanced Media Operations (WAMO), USA. 2000.

From Pioneer Spain

"We have been using DiscTrack Plus to analyze AFM images of DVDs.  We use the jitter analysis and statistical results for pit geometry.  The measurement results for lengths, widths, and angles have helped us solve problems and avoid problems.  For example, we discovered and corrected bad optical alignment of the laser beam recorder.  We corrected molding processes by checking replica pit shapes, comparing the inner area to the outer area.

"DiscTrack Plus saves our company money because it gives us a better idea of pit shape earlier in the production process.  You don't need to mold the disc and see the electrical data.  DiscTrack Plus saves money in two additional ways.

  • It saves analysis time by giving you a faster and safer answer thanks to statistical data
  • The technical information is valuable."

Xavier Font, Pioneer, Spain. 2001.

From Technicolor:

"The most valuable diagnostic tool we have is the AFM with DiscTrack Plus.  The detail and richness of the pit geometry measurements is amazing and extremely valuable."

Fritz Andrewlevick, Technicolor, USA. 2002.

From Matsushita/Panasonic:

"Your measurement of our stamper gave us very important information about track pitch accuracy.  Your system is amazingly good.  It is a very effective and valuable tool for process improvement."

Kazuhiko Sano, Matsushita/Panasonic, Osaka, Japan.  2002.


Due to the dynamic nature of the disc industry, some people have moved and some companies have changed names.  The company names and affiliations were current at the time of the quotation.


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