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Catch-all Page about Equipment

This page needs to be revised.  Some types of equipment marked 'featured' for sale have been sold and other types of equipment marked 'sold' are now available.  In any case, the listings and descriptions represent material that we have sold in the past, have for sale now and/or wish to buy and sell.   dc 11/23/04

Used Equipment 
(call us for current availability)

Featured Equipment: 

Dimension 3100 and 3000.  Atomic Force Microscopy Systems
NanoScope IIIa/Dimension 3000
Atomic Force Microscope System
NanoScope IIIa control station.
NanoScope II control station.
(Small sample) Contact AFM for use with any NanoScope controller.
(Small sample) STM for use with any NanoScope controller.
NanoScope AFM Scanners:  "A", "D", "E"
NanoScope STM Scanners:  "A", "C", "D".
OMV-fine (Special Video Microscope) system specifically configured for use with the top view AFM (e.g. MM-AFM or contact AFM) 

STM Converters for MultiMode AFM
How to Identify NanoScope Equipment.

The major components of a NanoScope scanning probe microscope are:

Control station, consisting of a Workstation and a Controller:

Workstation:  PC with command and graphics monitor(s) and software for realtime microscope operation and offline data analysis.  Includes interface to the controller.

Controller:  Analog and Digital Electronics that drive the microscope.  
Optional: additional electronics box (such as the "Phase box" or Electronics Extender) for advanced scanning modes, such as Phase and Surface Potential Imaging.

Microscope:  The AFM (atomic force microscope) or STM (scanning tunneling microscope).

All microscopes include a base, scanner and sensor.  In different models, these basic items are found in different physical components.  See the table below.

Microscope Base Scanner Sensor
Small sample AFMs (contact mode and MultiMode) Contains stepper motor and electronics.  Supports scanner. Contains piezo element.  Supports and scans the sample.   "Optical head" includes laser, photodiode, tip holder, XY translation stage (some models)
Small sample STM Contains stepper motor and  electronics.   Contains piezo elements and electronics.  Holds and scans the probe. Included in scanner.
Dimension AFM Supports scanner and sample stage.  Contains stepper motors and electronics. Dimension 3000 is supplied with external lamp, power supply and vacuum for sample stage.  In Dimension 3100 AFM, those items are integrated in the Dimension 3100 controller. Contains piezo element and optical sensor.  Holds and scans the probe. Included in scanner.
BioScope AFM A special adapter plate supports the scanner.  A separate box contains electronics to operate the scanner. Same as Dimension scanner Included in scanner.

To Summarize:

A complete system =  Control Station + Microscope
A Control Station = Workstation + Controller
A Microscope = Base + Scanner + Sensor.  (Sensor may be included in scanner).

In the following, NanoScope systems that are currently available are shown in normal typeface.  Other items bought and sold in the past are shown in gray typeface. Please call or write for current availability. 
Be sure to check our list of
Featured Equipment

Typical AFM accessories:  Fiberoptic illuminator, monocular microscope for tip alignment, vibration isolation pad, black rubber hood, 20 steel disks, 20 SiN probes for contact mode, 20 Si probes for Tapping Mode.
Available scanners include:
-AFM "A"
-AFM "E"
-AFM "J"
Available accessories include:
-('liquid cell') probe holder for contact mode in liquid

NanoScope STM (sold separately or with a NanoScope II or NanoScope III control station)

  • NanoScope Scanning Tunneling Microscope, including STM base with automatic approach system, fixed sample stage.   Works with all NanoScope controllers. Requires at least one STM scanner (see below)
  • typical STM accessories include:  1 micron gold grating calibrator, tweezers, 20 Pt/Ir probes. 
  • 0.7 micron ("A") scanner for STM
  • 3 micron ("C") scanner for STM
  • 12 micron ("D") scanner for STM
  • SOLD- XY adjustable sample stage for STM, with 1x1 mm range
NanoScope AFM for contact mode (sold separately or with a NanoScope II or NanoScope III control station)
  • "A" scanner for AFM, providing 0.7 micron XYZ scan range
  • "D" scanner providing 12x12 micron XY scan range and 4 micron Z scan range
  • "E" scanner - 10x10 micron XY, 2 micron Z.
  • "J" scanner for AFM, providing 125x125 micron XY scan range, 5 micron Z scan range.  (Some derated "J" scanners with smaller scan range and lower cost are also available.)
  • Fluid cell for AFM work under liquid.
  • OMV-fine.  (Special Video Microscope) system specifically configured for use with the top view AFM
  • NanoScope Side View contact Atomic Force Microscope, including AFM base, Side view optical head with cantilever holder.  Works with all NanoScope controllers. Requires at least one AFM scanner (above).  
  • Typical accessories for AFM:  calibrator, Silicon Nitride probes (50 standard grade, with 4 cantilevers per piece, plus 25 'practice' grade), 20 steel sample disks, tweezers. Monocular microscope and fiber optic illuminator to aid in tip and sample set up. 
  • SOLD- TopView AFM Optical Head with XY Sample Stage for upgrading NanoScope contact AFM's. Allows the AFM probe and sample to be viewed on axis from above. Stage provides 2x2 mm adjustment of probe relative to sample. Requires NanoScope contact mode AFM base and a scanner.
  • Featured (11/23/04)- Special Nikon Optical Microscope system specifically configured for use with the top view AFM. Has trinocular head with two eyepieces and camera port. View the probe tip and specimen during setup and scanning. Helps you find specific areas of interest. Magnification at the eyepiece zooms from 80-200x. On a typical video monitor, the magnification would be about 4x greater. With optional monochrome CCD camera (NTSC format, used in US).
NanoScope II Scanning Probe Microscope Workstation and Controller
  • NanoScope II workstation and controller, including: PC, Color Monitor (for image display), Monochrome monitor (for command and control), SPM controller, NanoScope software for image data capture, display and analysis, instruction manual, instructional videotape, Requires one or more probe microscopes (STM or AFM, described elsewhere).
  • ASM's Software enhancement for NanoScope II:(GP: The STM/AFM graphics processor)
  • Nano2PST software for converting images to PostScript or Tiff files for offline printing or manipulation.
Training Options for NanoScope Users
  • Installation service, operator training and/or consultation at your location worldwide.

Sold - NanoScope III Multimode AFM System, including PC: 486-33 MHz, 12 MB Ram, runs version 4.2 NanoScope software (excludes monitors; we suggest you buy locally) NanoScope III SPM Controller Multimode AFM base and optical head, equipped for contact and tapping mode operation in air.

Why Buy a Used NanoScope from ASM?
Save Money.  
High Quality: 
NanoScopes are famous for reliability.  
Save Time, with rapid delivery of in-stock equipment. 

Since 1993, we have been buying and selling used NanoScope equipment around the world. We have the expertise to understand your application and we can suggest suitable equipment. We test all the equipment we sell and we won't sell equipment that does not work.  We're NanoScope users ourselves (since 1987).  With our long experience in SPM, we know when the equipment is working and when it is not working.  

We know how to make NanoScopes work for you.  

We buy and sell Complete Systems and Individual Components


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