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NanoScope Controllers and Control Stations

NanoScope controllers provide digital and analog signal inputs and outputs, enabling the NanoScope software to drive the Scanning Probe Microscope and to receive signals back from it.  In order to operate the controller, you need a PC fitted with the proper interface and DSP board(s) and running the NanoScope software.  Together, the PC and Controller comprise a 'control station'. 

The NanoScope IIIA controller supports Tapping Mode in air and in liquid, contact mode, lateral force, electric force, magnetic force and many other modes.  It is compatible with most NanoScope scanning probe microscopes, including:

Dimension 3000
Dimension 3100
Dimension 5000
Contact mode AFM
Small sample STM

NanoScope IIIa controllers, used for Multimode, Dimension, BioScope, and small sample STM, AFM, and LFM systems

NanoScope IIIA Controller

Is your controller or PC broken?  We also repair NanoScopes.


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