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: Pharmaceutical materials
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     : Collagen monomers
     : DNA Plasmids
   : Polymer molecules
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   : Diagnostic devices
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   : Powders
   : Naturally occurring (cellulose)
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   : Copolymers
   : Material domains
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   : Packaging materials
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: Coatings
   : Paint
   : Paper finishing
   : Can coatings
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   : Gallium Arsenide
   : Wafers
   : Thin Films
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: Energy Technologies
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   : Calalysts
: New materials including ultra high strength magnets
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We Buy NanoScopes

We pay cash for the following types of used AFM (Atomic Force Microscope), SPM (Scanning Probe Microscope) and STM (Scanning Tunneling Microscope) systems and components made by Digital Instruments/Veeco Metrology:

NanoScope V
NanoScope IV
NanoScope IIIA, III, or IIIM
NanoScope E
Electronics extender module ("Phase box")
Multimode or Contact mode AFM
Dimension AFM, BioScope, EnviroScope 
Dimension Vx series Atomic Force Profiler
Dimension X and X3D
AFM base
AFM scanners
AFM optical head
STM Base, with fixed and/or XY sample stage
STM scanners.
STM sample stage
OMV video microscope system for top view AFMs, such as the MultiMode AFM
OM2 video and binocular microscope system for top view AFMs.
PC's and the specific graphics, interface and DSP boards needed to operate the NanoScopes.
Application modules such as:
SSRM - scanning spreading resistance
SCM - scanning capacitance
TUNA - tunneling AFM
C-AFM - conductive AFM
Dimension Scan Head
Metrology Scan Head
NanoMan Scan Head

Accessories and tools used with NanoScope equipment, including:
fiberoptic illuminator, stand for monocular microscope, vibration isolation pad, acoustic shroud, integrated Vibration/Acoustic Isolation table.
Signal access module/breakout box (SBOB, SBOB3).
Probe tip holders.

You may have surplus equipment and not realize it.  Example: If you originally had a NanoScope II AFM and upgraded to a NanoScope III AFM to do TappingMode, you may still have a contact mode AFM base and optical head that you are not using. We would like to buy it.

If you have equipment to sell, or if you know someone who may have such equipment, please contact us.

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