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Don Chernoff presents talk at EAS, Nov. 19, 1996

Don Chernoff will speak at the Eastern Analytical Symposium in Somerset NJ.

He is an invited speaker in the symposium entitled "Scanning Probe Microscopy - From Cells to Polymer Science, a New Analytical Technique for the '90s". His talk will be given on Tuesday Nov. 19, 1996 at 1:30 pm.

HIGH RESOLUTION CHEMICAL IMAGING USING THE SCANNING PROBE MICROSCOPE, Donald A. Chernoff, Advanced Surface Microscopy, 6009 Knyghton Road, Indianapolis, IN 46220-4955

It is challenging and worthwhile to image the microstructure of composite surfaces and distinguish regions of different composition. Such images aid diverse kinds of manufacturing, engineering and research. With 'phase imaging', the SPM can now achieve chemical imaging with 10 nm lateral resolution. We first briefly introduce two of the most common Scanning Probe techniques: contact mode and TappingModeTM AFM. Then we discuss 'phase imaging' and show several examples of material contrast in inorganic and organic systems, including: detection of photoresist residue on silicon; identification of contaminant/wear particles on a magnetic recording head; growth of corrosion films; domains on a copolymer surface; thin coatings of lignin on cellulose; and mixed Langmuir-Blodgett films.


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