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NanoScope Repair and Upgrades.

New service:  Repair of excessive Z stage drift.

Is your older NanoScope brand microscope no longer working?  We can help.

Many older microscopes are no longer supported by the manufacturer, or the support they offer is an expensive upgrade that you don't need for your particular application.

We have the experience and expertise to perform many repairs and upgrades on existing NanoScope equipment.  We also have a large supply of parts, including parts no longer supplied by the manufacturer.

Examples of repairs we have made include:

  • NanoScope E controller
  • NanoScope III Controller
  • NanoScope IIIa Controller
  • NanoScope IV Controller
  • NanoScope IVa Controller
  • NanoScope Vx AFM/Profilers.
  • MultiMode AFM Base electronics, including upgrade to Phase Imaging.
  • Dimension Base Electronics (Backboard/E-Box) including upgrade to phase.
  • Electronics Extender Module (Phase Box)
  • AFM PC - interface, DSP, and DSI boards
  • AFM PC Upgrade.
  • We have a large list of repair components available in stock.
  • Z stage drift repair

Is your NanoScope brand Microscope in need of work?  Contact us.

Can't wait?  You can solve many common NanoScope problems yourself.


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