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CD stamper bumps, perspective view


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DiscTrack Plus

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AFM Provides the only means to directly and precisely measure the size, shape, and position of individual features in optical disks

We use DiscTrack Plus with a great deal of satisfaction.  DiscTrack Plus is now considered the standard measurement for track pitch variation in our company" Mark van der Kerkhof, ODME, The Netherlands

The New standard for optical disc measurement accuracy takes AFM data beyond image and click measurements to a fully integrated, automated solution with unparalleled productivity.

With DiscTrack Plus you can:

  • Quickly measure pit and groove geometry on all kinds of optical discs.
  • Precisely measure individual and mean track pitch.
  • Link production variables to pit geometry to electrical output.

With this powerful new tool you can:

  • Identify weak links in your production process chain.
  • Reduce cost while speeding up analysis and lowering frustration.
  • Correct playability problems.

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