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CD stamper bumps, perspective view


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DiscTrack Plustm Media Measurement System

Playability Problems?  DiscTrack Plus can help

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Disc analyzers tell you there are playability problems.
DiscTrack PlusTM finds and solves them.

What is the right way to make optical disc pits and grooves?

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Before you start another frustrating random walk through process variables, reach for the DiscTrack Plus Media Measurement System.  It gives you the detailed, specific information about pit geometry you need to fine tune production variables for consistent results and reliable playability.

Leading Disc Manufacturers throughout the world use DiscTrack Plus.  Contact us today to find out why.

DiscTrack Plus now measures Edge Roughness on continuous ridge/groove media.

Read our DiscTrack Plustm brochure. The All Seeing Eye of DiscTrack Plus


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