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CD stamper bumps, perspective view


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With DiscTrack Plus, They Won't Call You Finicky Anymore.  They'll Call you Genius

Three dimensional rendering of an individual feature similar to those produced by DiscTrack Plus.

There is no right way or best way to design pits and grooves.  Many variations work and each manufacturer's geometry is a unique secret formula--veiled, oftentimes, even to its creator.

DiscTrack Plus enables manufacturers to unveil, measure, and document their secret formula -- for the first time.  What's working can be codified into target specs.  And what's not working can be corrected.

DiscTrack Plus enables manufacturers to incrementally improve and validate their target specs.  The formula can then be locked in and process consistency over time can be documented.

By revealing deviations from target specs as they occur, DiscTrack Plus provides advance warning of the need for equipment and process adjustments -- before discs go out of spec.

As a result, DiscTrack Plus enables manufacturers to provide customers with peerless quality and unprecedented quality assurance regarding disc playability.

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