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Model 150-1D
Nanometer-scale Calibration Reference for AFM

A precision, holographic pattern providing accurate calibration for high resolution, nanometer-scale measurements.

Period: 145 nm pitch, one-dimensional grating.  Accurate to +/- 1 nm.

Surface: Aluminum lines on glass, 4x6 mm.  Line height (about 100 nm) and line width (about 75 nm) are not calibrated.

For AFM, use in contact, intermittent contact (TappingModeTM ) and other modes with image sizes from 250 nm to 10 mm. Available unmounted or mounted on 12 mm steel disks.

Usability:  the calibrated pattern covers the entire chip.  There is sufficient usable area to make tens of thousands of measurements without reusing any areas altered or contaminated by previous scans.

This Calibration Reference specimen comes with a non-traceable, manufacturer?s certificate. This states the average period, based on batch measurements.  

2.5 um AFM scan

AFM image of 150-1D Calibration reference/calibration standard

image rendered in mixed height and slope mode

Average height profile from above image

Average cross section of 150-1D Calibration standard/calibration reference.


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