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Special Sale Items 

Tipless Probes:   

ThermoMicroscopes Contact Tipless Ultralevers Model # ULC-NTHW, p/n 00-103-0965

Approximately 1/2 wafer, containing more than 250 probes.  Each probe has 4 triangular cantilevers with nominal force constants ranging from 2 to 17 N/m.

It's easier to glue particles on flat, tipless cantilevers.  These probes are ideal for working with particles, where colloidal interactions are sensed between a flat surface and a particle glued on the cantilever.

Price: $2000.  This is a 50% savings compared with the manufacturer's list price of over $4000.

High Stiffness Si probes 

The tapping Silicon Probes in this unique, research wafer have a wide range of force constants, about 30 to 230 N/m, measured by the "thermal method".  Nearby probes probably have similar force constants, but we don't have a map showing variation across the wafer. The target specification for this wafer was k = 150 N/m, cantilever dimensions:  length 125 um, width 35 um, thickness 6 um, however this is not guaranteed.

Suggested application:  nanomechanical studies where a library of inexpensive, very stiff probes could be helpful. These probes can also be used for general purpose imaging.

Partial wafer containing more than 300 probes:  Price: $1500.

Contact mode Silicon nitride probes

Special price on a partial wafer containing more than 200 probes:  Price: $800.
If you're comfortable separating the individual probes, you'll save a lot of money.

Used Tapping Si probes

These model TESP probes have blunt tips but are perfect for mounting nanotubes.  Carbon nanotubes can be trimmed electrically due to the low resistivity of the monolithic substrate and tip.
These probes can also be used for training new AFM users.  Why drop a $40 probe when you can drop one of these?
Special sale price for quantities over 100 probes:  $5/probe.  This is a savings of more than 50% compared with our regular price for practice grade Si probes. While quantities last.

Meiji Stereo Microscope Model EMZ  $600

Dye Sublimation Printers

Tektronix Phaser IIsdx with supplies  $500

Tektronix Phaser 450 with supplies  $1000

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