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AFM probes (all substrates are separated, i.e. ready for use)

All AFM probes are compatible with NanoScope equipment and most other brands

Silicon Probes for Tapping Mode in Air

  • Silicon probes for Non-contact or Tapping Mode AFM (each piece has 1 cantilever), new
  • Silicon AFM probes, practice grade (Learn setup and operation at lower cost. Mount particles on cantilever or tip.)
  • Silicon probes are made of crystalline silicon. Cantilever characteristics vary from piece to piece, but are typically as follows: Thickness: 4 microns, Width: 28 microns, Length: 125 microns, Frequency: 270-330 KHz
  • We provide convenient small quantities of probes.

Silicon Nitride probes for Contact Mode (air and liquid) and for Tapping Mode in Liquid.

  • Silicon Nitride AFM probes, standard type (each piece has 4 cantilevers), new
  • Silicon Nitride AFM probes, oxide-sharpened type (each piece has 4 cantilevers), new
  • Silicon Nitride AFM probes, Chromium-coated, new - limited quantity
  • Silicon Nitride AFM probes, practice grade (1 or more cantilevers on each piece has been used or removed)  

Tipless Probes

  • Silicon Contact mode, tipless (Park Scientific/ThermoMicroscopes) Ultralevers, Model ULC-NTHW, p/n 00-103-0965.  Each probe has 4 triangular cantilevers with gold coating on back side.  Available:  half-wafer containing about 200 probes.  Call for price.
  • Silicon Non-contact mode, tipless (Park Scientific/ThermoMicroscopes) Ultralevers, Model ULNC-NTNM, p/n 00-103-0976.  Each probe has 4 triangular cantilevers with gold coating on back side.  Available:  1 box containing about 5 probes.   Call for price.
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Additional technical information about Silicon Nitride and Silicon AFM Probes

  • Definitions:
    Substrate:  the body of the probe.
    Cantilever:  a flexible beam which extends in plane from the substrate.
    Tip:  the sharp point which protrudes vertically from the cantilever.
    Probe:  the complete object, consisting of substrate, cantilevers and tips.
  • Typical substrate dimensions  (length, width, thickness):
    Silicon Nitride: 3.6  x 1.7 x 0.5 mm
    Silicon:  3.5 x 1.6 x 0.4 mm
  • Tip Shape -Silicon nitride:
    Nominal tip radius of curvature: 20 - 60nm ('standard'), 5-40 nm ('oxide-sharpened')
    Overall tip shape: square pyramid with half angle (center axis to face)  35°

    Approximate force constants for silicon nitride cantilevers:

    silicon nitride cantilever spring constants

  • Tip Shape - Silicon:
    Nominal tip radius of curvature: < 10nm
    Overall tip shape:  complex pyramid with nominal half angles: 
        Steep wall type:
      about 17° side, 25° front, 10° back   
        Symmetric type: about 18° side, 15° front, 25° back
    Force constant: about 40 N/m
    Resonant Frequency:  about 300 kHz.

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STM probes :

Our existing stock is reserved for sale only with STM equipment. (9/26/05) The information below is given only for reference.

Probe diameter = .010" (.25 mm). Fits standard NanoScope tip holders.

  • Pt-Ir NanoTips for STM, new - mechanically-formed tip, best tip for atomic-scale imaging (e.g. on HOPG). Probe length = 7-8 mm (.25" nominal length) - available for sale only with STM equipment
  • Pt-Ir NanoTips for STM, used (suitable for practice or re-work) - limited quantity
  • CG tips for STM - tapered geometry, etched tip with radius better than 50 nm. Best tip for nm- to micron-scale imaging. Probe length 11-12 mm- sold
NOTE: PROBE LENGTH VARIES. You can cut shorter to suit your application.
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