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CD stamper bumps, perspective view


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: Applications of AFM and STM
   : CD
   : DVD
   : HD-DVD
   : Hard Disks
   : Magnetic Tape
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: Pharmaceutical materials
     : Collagen fibers
     : Collagen monomers
     : DNA Plasmids
   : Polymer molecules
   : Orthopedic implants
   : Opthamalic Devices
   : Diagnostic devices
   : And More
   : Powders
   : Naturally occurring (cellulose)
   : Blends
   : Copolymers
   : Material domains
   : Paper
   : Packaging materials
   : Cast, extruded, or molded polymers
: Coatings
   : Paint
   : Paper finishing
   : Can coatings
: Electronic Materials
   : Silicon
   : Silicon Carbide
   : Germanium
   : Gallium Arsenide
   : Wafers
   : Thin Films
: Automotive
   : Corrosion
   : Wear
: Energy Technologies
   : Corrosion
   : Calalysts
: New materials including ultra high strength magnets
: Optics & Photonics
   : Diffraction Gratings
   : Modified surfaces
   : superpolished optics
   : Ultrasmooth surfaces
   : IR
   : Visible Light
   : UV
   : X-Ray
: Telecommunications

: Metals

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Calibration and Measurement Software

Advanced Surface Microscopy, Inc. has developed a number of software packages to enhance the use of the AFM.  Developed first for our own use, we have made them available for sale to customers worldwide.

  • DiscTrack Plus
    Our flagship product.  DiscTrack Plus automates and calibrates the measurement of large numbers of features in AFM images.  Developed first for the Optical Disc Industry (CD, DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-Ray, and more) and later adopted for the magnetic disk industry, DiscTrack Plus is a powerful tool whenever you wish to measure arrays of large numbers of features
    • DiscTrack Plus now measures Edge Roughness of continuous ridge/groove media and other regular structures.
  • DTP Advanced Image Processor
    A utility/preprocessor program  for AFM and other instrument users.  Provides file format conversion and filters to correct several common image artifacts.
  • SPIP
    We are a distributor of SPI, Scanning Probe Image Processor.  Correct image artifacts and measure images with tools that go far beyond those provided by most AFM software.

Technical articles on high-precision media measurement.

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